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Tooling R&D

Jow Tong: 30 Years of Expertise in Pioneering Tooling Development

Leveraging over 30 years of experience, Jow Tong prioritizes cutting-edge tooling R&D. We utilize industry-leading CAD software like SolidWorks and Creo (Pro/E) to create high-fidelity mold designs. Our commitment to innovation extends beyond design, incorporating advanced mold flow analysis and rapid prototyping to ensure project feasibility.

Our dedicated team tackles a diverse range of applications, from lighting and consumer electronics (3C) to home appliances. We specialize in crafting molds for various materials, including:
- Plastic Injection

- LSR liquid silicone
- Thermosetting silicone/rubber
- Aluminum die-casting
- Aluminum extrusion
- Plastic blow molding

Partner with Jow Tong for Superior Mold Design and Development Solutions!

Plastic Injection

Die Casting

LSR Silicone


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The epoxy resin has the advantages of elasticity, good shape molding, moisture resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance,molding and UV resistance, one-stop serviceg it is widely used in industry and various life fields.High temperature resistance and temperature difference,A class of inorganic elastomeric polymers that can have many types depending on the structure: solid, liquid, glue/paste, oil, rubber, molding.