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  • Consulting

    We provide professional consulting service regarding tooling and industrial design. This is crucial as we always point out any potential issues and suggest the best solutions for a flawless production. This is where we excel in the business.
  • Prototyping

    Many products require a lot of testing and verifications prior to mass production. Prototyping is the perfect way to do so, it is cost-effective and fault tolerant. Many successful products have been made through our prototyping service.
  • Tooling

    This is the core value of Jow Tong. With over 25 years of professionalism, we pride ourselves to be the leading tool manufacturer in the industry. We are equipped with knowledge covering a variety of tools using many different materials.
  • Production

    It goes without saying that production is the key to a product’s forming. We have a variety of state of the art machines and equipments to accommodate any customized production solutions, under controlled schedules.
  • Assembly

    Assembly has always been our strength throughout the years. We are experienced in PCBA, SMT, and many customized assembly.
  • Quality

    The credibility of a product can be gained through reliable quality assurances. Jow Tong always provides such procedures that are in compliance with international standards. We can also formulate customized quality assurance specifications according to your needs.
  • Warehouse

    We understand fast delivery is one of the most important keys to remain competitive in the market. Jow Tong has warehouses right around the corner to provide instant supply.


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The epoxy resin has the advantages of elasticity, good shape molding, moisture resistance, cold resistance, chemical resistance,molding and UV resistance, one-stop serviceg it is widely used in industry and various life fields.High temperature resistance and temperature difference,A class of inorganic elastomeric polymers that can have many types depending on the structure: solid, liquid, glue/paste, oil, rubber, molding.